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We need to let people know we have their backs

We can’t turn back to the brutality of people struggling to survive on $40 a day.
This is not enough to live on, or cover the basics, such as housing, food, bills, and transport.
To get through this crisis, we need to support each other,
so everyone has access to the basics to rebuild their lives.

We can never go back
to the old Newstart payment
of $40 a day
or the old Youth Allowance,
which was even less

When people were trying to survive on $40 a day,
they were regularly skipping meals, going without medication and sleeping rough.

People told us they were:

  • eating the bare minimum, for example, a tin of food and some porridge a day
  • showering once a week to save on electricity bills
  • trapped in abusive relationships
  • couch surfing or living in a car
  • students had to give up on their studies

    We can never go back to treating people with judgment and indifference.