Newstart is not working.

$40 per day is too low to give people the support
they need to get through tough times and into suitable, paid work.

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There’s been no real
increase in 25 years

Newstart is a critical part of Australia’s income support system - it makes us different to America where unemployed people and their children are condemned to a life of poverty. But Newstart is not working – the rate has not been increased in real terms in 25 years while living costs for people on low incomes have gone through the roof.

Raising the Rate will
get Newstart working

Raising the single rate of Newstart and other allowances by at least $75 per week (and indexing the payment to wages) will get Newstart working by allowing people to focus on building the skills they need to take the opportunities to get them through tough times. It will mean people can focus on their futures rather than having to be totally consumed with their current situation of financial crisis.
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"If income support was increased even a little bit it would be easier to get off it a lot quicker."

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"If they could understand how difficult it is to negotiate the employment system on $38 a day, then they would see that the level of Newstart is not tenable."

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"Raising the rate, even modestly, would allow me to have less payment plans and to sleep at night."