We can never go back to the old Newstart payment of $40 a day or the old Youth Allowance payment, which was even less. When people were trying to survive on $40 a day, they were regularly skipping meals, going without medication and sleeping rough. Many people have shared their stories of how hard it was to get by like this, including Cassandra, Mike and Juanita.


While trying to get by on the old low rate of Youth Allowance before the COVID-19 crisis, Cassandra had this message for the PM.


Juanita, a single parent with three school aged children, shared her story of struggling on income support before COVID-19, including the stress of juggling paying off debts with her children’s immediate needs.


Mike, an older worker who has provided for himself and his family for more than 40 years, shared his story with us of trying to get by on the old, low rate of Newstart.

Another word from Cassandra

Cassandra, a student who left home to study in the city and could not afford even the basics on the old Youth Allowance payment, shared her story with us.