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Can you take the next step to help?

The government is deciding the long-term level of support for the 1.6 million people currently out of paid work and the millions more facing uncertain futures.

Help us send a clear message to all our elected representatives that we cannot go back to $40 per day, that left people without enough to cover the basics like food, rent, and healthcare.

By calling your local Member of Parliament – and tagging them on Twitter – you will make sure your voice is heard as these important decisions are being made.

If you receive JobSeeker we encourage you to share your story and what the change has meant to you. If you are a general supporter let them know that everyone in Australia should have enough to cover the basics.

During business hours can you call your MP and tell them why this is so important to you?

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Other ways to be involved

We understand that calling your local Member of Parliament can be daunting. If you don’t feel you can make the call above and you are on Twitter can you Tweet your local Member or the Prime Minister?

Publicly calling the Government out on JobSeeker and sharing how this will impact you can give the Government the impetus it needs to make the change to raise the rate for good.