Register your interest for Introduction to Campaign Media for Raise the Rate for Good

In partnership with the Economic Media Centre, we’re running introductory media training specifically for Raise the Rate for Good grassroots supporters who are currently receiving JobSeeker, Youth Allowance or other income support payments. The training will cover the basics of speaking to media, preparing for interviews, and how to deal with journalists.  

There are limited spaces available so please register your interest as soon as you can! 

Date and time
10am-12pm AEDT, Wednesday 3 November 2021
Run by
Economic Media Centre
A practical, hands-on introduction to using the mainstream media for advocacy.
This two-hour workshop will combine theory and practical interview simulations. Learn about the media landscape, how to package and pitch stories, winning media messages, how to prepare for media interviews, common journalist tactics and interviewing skills.
At the Economic Media Centre, we support economic thinkers and people with lived experience of economic policies to set economic agendas in mainstream media. Register to attend this small-group session to learn more about campaign media and becoming a media spokesperson.
It will include a breakout activity for participants to pair up and go into zoom breakout rooms and practice interviewing each other 1-1 for a long-form media slot (4-5 min).

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