People with the very least abandoned in lockdown support – Email your MP

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that a $200 per week disaster support payment will be extended to people on income support who have lost more than eight hours paid work per week as a result of the recent lockdowns.

This is a good first step for people who are locked down and use income support to supplement their income from paid work, and we thank all of you who have campaigned to achieve this outcome. However, this announcement still abandons hundreds of thousands more people locked down, struggling to get by on a measly $44 a day.

Can you email your Federal MP and urge them to advocate for the disaster payment to immediately be extended to everyone on income support?

Email tips:

The most powerful emails are ones that reflect your personal voice. Some guidance for your email: 

  • Include a story if you have one, or mention why you support raising the rate for good.
  • Make it personal.
  • Please keep your email civil and polite.
  • You are aware that
    • The Federal Government will start providing disaster support payments for people in lockdown on social security payments who lost less than 8 hours of paid work a week.
    • But this still abandons hundreds of thousands on income support in lockdown, including their children and those they care for, who are struggling to get by on a measly $44 a day.
    • This is despite the fact that the lockdown is preventing EVERYONE who is unemployed from finding paid work.


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