How your organisation can help

On 10 November, the Prime Minister announced that the government is planning to cut the Coronavirus Supplement from 1 January, and extend it to 28 March. The Government’s decision of a Christmas cut for people on the lowest incomes is a cruel and damaging mistake, especially during record-high unemployment.  It’s a brutal blow that would take away even more of what is keeping millions of people afloat. This cut will hurt people doing it tough, as well as the country’s economic recovery, and could sink hundreds of thousands of people into poverty.

Raise the Rate for Good has launched a holiday card campaign calling on our political leaders to deliver a permanent and adequate increase to income support before Christmas, so people can cover the basics now and into the future. The idea was developed by grassroots campaigners during a campaign development session and has been widely popular with all our supporters.

Here’s how you can help

  1. As soon as possible, arrange for you, your staff, friends and family to send members of the Expenditure Review Committee a Raise the Rate For Good holiday card. We need thousands to be received, ideally by post.

You can download and print a wonderful holiday card designed by one of our talented grassroots supporters, Cassie Francisco, or make or buy your own card so that we get a variety of materials arriving at the Ministers’ offices. You could aim to send one to each ERC member each day this week! Here is a list of email addresses for the key politicians to send your correspondence.



2. Share your card with us. Please also post a picture of you with your card on social media so that we can build momentum. Be sure you tag us on Facebook @RaisetheRate and Twitter @ACOSS and use hashtags #RaisetheRateforGood #CoverTheBasics. We’d also love it if you could email your photo to [email protected] to help us with including it in ACOSS social media posts.





Thank all of you for the effort you have put into this campaign! We have an opportunity now to push the government to finally deliver good news in time for the new year, raising the rate for good so everyone can cover the basics.

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